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Paseo a orillas del mar

1909, Museo Sorolla, Madrid


come to me on your next vacation
I will bathe you in kisses
I will make locks in your hair
I will paint your toes

I will make you breakfast every morning


as the world goes south
I need your cheeky cerebrum
your compassion
your closeness
and your caress


let’s try to create an oasis of love
in this world full of hate
let’s try to live a life of peace
even if all around us the warmongers
are readying to do despicable deeds


August is the most brutal of months
this is the time of choice
for the world’s despots
to bring out their tin soldiers
and play at conflict in a fool’s endeavour


come to me on your next vacation
I will offer you a refuge
that defies the machines of war
that spreads warmth about your body
and gives me a life

I had thought forever lost




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