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A bull fight

Pablo Picasso, 1934


Each one came in

knowing it could not win

even if it killed the matador


I saw all six

being reduced to nix

on a sunny spring day in Malaga


Witnessed by an enthusiastic crowd

moved by tradition, cheering very loud

seemingly oblivious to the slaughter


As a friend of the underbull

I wanted to pull

the wool away from their eyes


I made two suggestions

that I knew would raise questions

about my respect for a great culture


(Even though in many parts of this wonderful land

there are plenty who would share my stand

against a custom whose due date has passed)


I suggested evening the odds  

by having as many bulls in the ring as the male gods,

their murderers, who greatly outnumber them


I also advocated giving the bulls the chance

to see a fight before their prance

and learn how to go for the legs, not the crimson muleta


The friends to whom I offered these propos

reacted politely, but you could know

that I had crossed a line

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The Man, not the Mountain

Article 38


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