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Article 38



Jimmy Lai was born in the PRC. He later fled to Hong Kong, where he became a textile magnate who would go on to use his wealth to support the cause of free choice for the people of the enclave. To this end, he founded a publication entitled “Apple Daily”. He has become the first prominent victim of Article 38, a new law developed by Beijing that criminalizes activities promoting “subversion, terrorism and collusion with foreign powers” – regardless of passport or residency – and as interpreted by the Chinese Communist regime. Here he is seen being arrested by members of the Hong Kong security apparatus.



Inspired by hate


of an alternative fate


that would secure free choice


and the right to raise one’s voice


in the face of tyranny.



According to the PRC


it can be


the universal arbitrator of what is right


by using its might


at home and abroad.



Hong Kong is a metaphor


actually, much more


for the state of democracy


and its capacity to defy autocracy


in the city state and beyond.



Democracy will come to the PRC


as sure as we can anticipate


the morning’s next rising


Hong Kong is now agonising


but it will prove to be the Chinese Communists’ coffin’s nail.

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A Virgin Not


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