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Walls Down






Paul Klee. Fire in the Evening,

MOMA, 1929

You took my walls by storm.

You invaded my inner sanctum.

You destroyed my defences.

I am on my knees.


Prisoner of a love 

that started so innocently 

an (almost) spontaneous encounter 

in an inauspicious place.


I want to be your captive.  

Your arms around me 

give me strength, 

filling my loins with a longing I had long thought gone. 


Your easy laughter has me laughing easily 

your passion has me passionate 

your beauty has me gazing at you

when I am supposed to be doing cerebral things. 


My walls are down

My emotions are in full sway

My love for you is blossoming 

Like a cactus in spring. 

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Losing My Grippe

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