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Losing My Grippe






Egon Schiele, Die Familie, 1918

Upper Belvedere, Wien,

Influenza, yet again!

Outfluenza, yes but when?


If you want to take me away

Okay, but please not this way 


I am a useful member of society

I write poetry

I took my flu shot


My family has suffered enough

in 1918 my father lost a brother

that same year my mother lost her father 


One of my favourite artists

Egon Schiele and his family

would all perish in that same year 


Just a few souls 

among the fifty million around the world 

snatched from life


But if you insist

just grant me the wish 

that I can fulfil 

my promises before you reap.



           Walls Down


High Pop Foul

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