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Painting by Richard Moore

I can feel something stirring, palpably
like the first snow of winter
or spring’s inaugural buds
or the yellowing of leaves in fall –
things are starting to shift.

This is not the beginning of the beginning
but nor is it the end of its end
it is somewhere in its middle
an emerging sea change
that will set me on a different course.

If I can let it flow, that is.
I cling to the past
She was my world:
beautiful, wise, kind and challenging
Why should I want to forget her?

Can there not be a meeting of the past and the present
where memories and aspirations embrace across time
where what may be is not jealous of what has been
where the newly found can connect with the recently disappeared?
This is the only way I can see clear – and I want to see clear.

With thanks to Leonard Cohen for this last line, which is taken from his “Famous Blue Raincoat”.

Screen Shot 2018-10-31 at 9.35.12 PM.png


                Primeval Woods



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