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Primeval Woods




Femme se promenant dans le foret, Henri Rousseau, 1905


Your eyes remind me of a Brazilian rain forest
deep and thick and wet
brimming with passion
and your lips so kissable
– I must also confess to a fascination for your buttocks.

Then, there is your smartness
brains that cut into foolishness
a people knowledge that should be bottled
for others to enjoy
and a kindness that is biblical.

This is a profession of love
That will go unrequited
or so I expect .

I want to love you
hard and gently
weakly and strong.

Maybe in a next life we can get it together.
I will consult with our greatest being
about how we can step past the threshold
that now separates us
I am not sure she can work this out.

But maybe she just can.

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