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Strategic Apartheid







Juana Francés

Composición no 39, 1959

Antología intima. 1957-85

Exposición en el Museo Thyssen Málaga

15 March -19 June

(April 2022)



NATO would have us believe


(does it think we are naïve?)


that the demands of its members’ defence


require that they keep their powder dry


while the Ukrainians offer themselves up to die.



No matter how many weapons NATO may supply


it cannot deny


that its policies presuppose a different degree of security


for those of a single community.



Why should a border


on the European continent


determine under whose order


a people are destined to live?


Yes, shower the Ukrainians with weapons


yes, praise their bravery to the heavens


but do not hoist your soldiers


on to their shoulders!


This is an edifice


that teeters on a precipice.



Sooner rather than later


the truth will take its toll


sooner rather than later


the democracies will have to rethink their role.



Sooner rather than later


NATO will need to call Putin’s bluff


sooner rather than later


NATO will have to get tough.

And sooner rather than later


the artificial border


that separates the security of a westerner


from that of a non-westerner


will need to become part of yesteryear.

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