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Hey Vlad




Poutine is a dish of french fries and cheese curds topped with a brown gravy. It emerged in my native Quebec in the late 1950s. With the war in Ukraine, restaurants in Canada have been both removing poutine from their menus and showcasing it – in just what proportions, I am not sure.




Hey Vlad

you strike me as an unhappy lad

twenty-two years at the helm

presiding over a failing Russian realm.  


Hey Vlad

some say you have gone mad

others think you are seriously malade

many believe you are just bad.


Hey Vlad

maybe by your intel guys you were had

the neo-Nazis do not dominate Ukraine

no, they are mostly in your brain.


Hey Vlad

so, Peter is your historical comrade

but that was more than three hundred years ago

that as much you should know.


Hey Vladimir

history’s judgment will be severe

you have confused your personal story

with what is putatively much greater glory.


Hey Vladimir

this much is clear

you have blood on your hands

you have put in danger Russian lands.


Hey Vladimir

the end is close if not near

your future does not portend

a non-violent end. 

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