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Photograph taken at public hotspot in Havana in January 2017


My winter in Cuba

has been a refresher course

on what is important and why

on how a cause that that could have been mine

has descended into obscurantism

losing its soul and conscience along the way.


How sixty years of a much celebrated revolution

cannot put a balanced diet

on the plates of its people :

frigoles and arroz, arroz and frigoles

arroz without frigoles, frigoles without arroz –

while tourists merrily eat their fill.


I am at a loss to explain

where the proceeds from the tourist invasion go.

There is no sign of their being used effectively

for things other than what are considered to be

the baseline contributions of government.

Could the abuses of the Battista gang be still in play?


How sixty years of a much celebrated revolution

has failed to equip the island

for the information revolution

and allow it to make its way.

I can only understand this as a betrayal

of the ideals of Castro’s design.


(I open a parenthesis

a Cuban Communist

who is worth his stuff

will know what Marx had to say.

about the factors of production and social change –

and how information and its spread are the key agents. )


Ideas have a life of their own.

they pop up unexpectedly.

they sneak around corners.

they leap into an alternative discourse.

even when outrageous,

they cannot be beaten down.


In this proud and impressive country

ideas need to spread their wings.

winternet needs to drop the w

and it will

sooner than we sense

more dramatically that we can devine.

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