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Thomas Falcon Marshall - Emigration - the parting day "Good Heaven! what sorrows gloom'd that parting day etc" Goldsmith - Google Art Project.jpg



the first time I left my land


it was with an outstretched hand


an open mind


a curiosity about what I would find


searching for reason


during what was supposed to be only a season


a youth of twenty


I stayed away for almost forty



in two thousand and three


again I would cross the sea


to take up residence in a foreign place


where I sensed I would face


new experiences


that challenged my perspectives


and gave me a different cause  


and so it was



in the year nineteen


I would again change my scene


unsure what it might mean


for everything I had been


up to then


but also when


I would be in the last phase of my life


but here I am



I cherish my country


It has done a great deal for me


above all, it let me live free


that said, I never really knew    


whether intellectually and culturally


it was too small to be


notwithstanding its geography


my forever homeland



when I had almost nothing, I had youth


when I no longer had youth, I had truth


now with most of my life behind me, I have liberty

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