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Marc Chagall,

Cumpleanos, 1915, MOMA

To become a heroine


of her country’s cause


she was not destined


but her husband’s arrest


brought out her best



Mother, housewife and schoolteacher


a politician not


 a reluctant leader


but she rose to the moment


and became a mighty opponent



Lukashenko is a petty despot


too long in the saddle, a zealot


his days are numbered


his end is nigh


and we all know why



Courage is a commodity


of which most all of us 


would want prodigally


even as  bravery exacts a toll 


that can deflect from the goal 



Svetlana, you are an example


that others will want to sample  


your country's  struggle will take time to prevail


but avail it will


and as it does, you will be remembered still

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