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A Mural in Vilnius, Lithuania, Photography by Aleksandr Lukjanov, Alamy  

I am the centre of the universe

I command respect in Russia’s smallest spaces

I control the parliament

I manipulate the media

The security services do my bidding

The judiciary is in my palm

My people know their history


I have a modernizing army

that has shown its mettle near and far

I have 7300 nuclear warheads

(nobody really knows how many)

I am ready to use them

to stay in power until I die

regardless of the cost to my country

its region or beyond


I am a really smart guy

I can defy reality

I can defeat its truths

by creating my own

I can combat the inevitable

by ensuring it never comes to pass

while I am still of this world


I am sort of fond of Donald

We understand one another

He loves power

He has no patience for checks and balances

He would also sell his grandmother for a good idea

He is a sucker for flattery

He is the most useful of my idiots

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Afraid to be Naked

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