Shores of the Mediterranean



Dusk Over the Coast of Malaga A

Guillermo Gomez Gil, 1918

Collection Carmen Thyssen – Bornemisza



I always wanted to love again

on the shores  of the Mediterranean


The place where so much of what we know

to its civilizations we owe


In 1965, I went to stay 

as an unripe teenager three months in Marseille


Where I met a young lady

with the most beautiful pedigree


I was ever to know

I was blessed to be her beau


Three score and five years more

I am back at this sea I adore


Gazing again at its blue

enamoured of its hue


Feeling its sand between my toes

as I hear the water’s throes


Except, in this spring of 2020

on the beaches there are not many


The waves have no one to play with

the sand is bored to death


No one knows what will happen next

it is not an exaggeration to say we are perplexed


But looking out at the sea

where I have always wanted to be


I sense no deception

I am grateful for its reception


I can die here, without mention.

simply, without pretension.

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An Ending