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Mach’s Gut, Mutti






Portrait Painting of Angela Merkel by Elizabeth Payton FAIRUSE

Creative Common Market





Mrs Merkel


you’ve done swell





You helped keep the EU afloat


but not to gloat:


its greatest trials


lie ahead.



You mothballed many a nuclear power station


only to make the country more dependent


on coal for energy generation


- and less likely to meet its goals under the Paris Agreement.



You managed to keep open


as so many of your people had been hoping


the lines to Moscow and Beijing


but at what cost for the future?



(Do you really think that the pipeline


will make it easier to align


relations between Russia


and 21st century Prussia


without alienating your allies


and compromising historic ties?


You should know at the very least


You grew up in the East….)



I could go on


but I do not want to leave the impression


that I consider your action


a failure: not at all.



You have done better than most.


Yet you leave your post


with your country facing greater challenges


than when you assumed it.



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