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almost everyone everywhere thought


its chances were naught


just how could Ukraine


withstand such a big army


and so much pain?



not a country


just a place


without its own history


needing Russia to be more


than an empty space.



without a national tongue


just some Slavonic dialect


that at best could be sung


a sound without a voice


not deserving respect.



so has strummed Putin’s refrain


a vision for his mission


to use Ukraine


to resurrect empire


now subject to derision.



Ukraine has become a modern metaphor


for a David believing in his history


working to best a Goliath in war


with morality on his side


whilst the Goliath seeks to revive an unrevivable glory.



not over is this story


there are still chapters to write


but the world already has an allegory


about how the odds can be evened  


when there is a just fight.



that Kherson has been won


sends a message to the besieged almost anywhere


that they can prevail against superior gun


If they believe that history is on their side


and are not afraid to dare.

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