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Imaginary Mistress








I do not know how many times
I have reached out to her
but she was not there
nowhere to be seen
nowhere to be touched
nowhere, not anywhere at all.

I am going to try
to make my imaginary mistress real.
Alas, my intent is so much stronger than my skill.
I need advice on how to proceed
What do I do first, second and third - 
and how?

My imaginary mistress
is more beautiful than April flowers
stronger than November winds
wiser than tree rings
and as steadfast as stone.
She is also as stubborn as any good cause needs to be.

I feel her warmth approaching.
I hope she will be close behind
readying to surround me
with love, passion, kindness and hope.
I want her to become unimaginary.
I hope she seeks to be as well. 

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