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I Know the World




Untitled (Gold Painting), Robert Rauschenberg, 1953

The Guggenheim, Manhattan 



I know the world


not comprehensively


nor exactly


still this is a place


I have travelled through near and through far


I have not been everywhere


but almost anywhere I have been


has provided an occasion


to test my favourite theory


that all people are people

I have encountered mighty demons


aligned against this most evident truth


supposing that some


are more human than others


deserving of more rights, greater deference, higher consideration



Getting ready to do the unspeakable yet again


I feel unarmed against this onslaught


clutching at straws that break in my palm  


grasping at sand that slips through my fingers


falling to my knees, apologetically but uselessly.



But still ready, in my hapless way


- to fight.

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