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Eric Lefranc, Solent,  Daily Mail Online

25 September 2022

If I were a fish

you would understand my wish

not to disappear from the oceans


If i were a cow

I would want justice now

for what has been injected into my body


If I were a bee

I would hope to see

that the world is addressing my disappearance


If I were a polar bear

I would cry out « not fair »

my ice flows are melting away


If I were an elephant

it should have meant

that my species, like my memory, would live forever


If i were a bat

I would want to know that

you are not destroying my habitat


If I were a giraffe

I would alight on a raft

to escape my continent


If I were a leopard

I would want a good shepherd

to guide me through treacherous times


If I were a butterfly

I would want to get high

just forget and simply move on


If I were a duck

I would say fuck

under my breath, but still


If I had been a dinosaur

I would have surely gone to war

against those claiming climate change is fiction


Humans are more animal than assumed.

Animals are more human than presumed.

We are joined at the hip of evolution


The survival of only one

is the survival of none

We perish or prosper together.

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