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Richard Moore, 2021



Living my eleventh life


spared almost any strife


at peace with the earth


knowing its worth


yet feeling it cursed


afraid for its future.



Number eleven


beckons me to heaven


or hell


who can tell?


I try to stay steady


I am anything but ready.



Little David and little Grace


are in their first


not at all knowing what they will face


as they become more versed


in the world of many a word


during their second and third.



I want to be around


at least until such time


as they have found


their prime


as adolescents


and have begun to sense their essence.



Perhaps there will come a day


when we may


indulge in conversation


and reflection


exchanging quiet emotion


and neural notion.



So, God, please give me


a little assist


to ensure that my plea


will not be missed


and that my esprit


can linger longer.

Screen Shot 2021-11-13 at 11.10.56 AM.png

Eleventh Life



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