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Doubt and Antidote​











Symphony in White No.1, The White Girl
James Abbot McNeil Whistler, 1861-62


perhaps you like me
but you don’t like
the idea of liking me
for it collides with the way
you have come to live your life

why complicate a well-established pattern
structured, simple and serene

perhaps our encounter has opened a wound
that you thought had long gone away
a love that lingers in your heart
that recalls moments dear
well past but no less alive for that


perhaps you just don’t like me all that much after all
even if deep down you do


perhaps there is a soul in your closet
dormant but still there
overseeing your every move
assessing your every whim
looking over your shoulder constantly


perhaps my imagination is working overtime
a jealousy targeted aimlessly


perhaps our encounter has revived
a memory long forgotten of
a gently approaching footstep
an expectant greeting at an opening door
an embrace that made you melt


perhaps this is more about my ghosts than yours,
more about my injuries than your pain


whatever, do not be afraid
I will protect you from the past
I will try to catch you if you fall
I will help pick up the pieces if i miss
I will rock you to sleep


but you must want me to
and be ready to ask as much



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          Darkness at Daybreak



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