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Big Daddy Xi, Putin the Poisoner







Bid Daddy Xi was the name commonly used in the PRC press for the Chinese leader until 2016 when it was officially abandoned, with the argument that one did not want to establish another personality cult in China…. Putin the Poisoner is the name Alexei Navalny gave to the Russian President after being condemned to his most recent jail sentence in 2021.



You determine what happens to your nation


not by free speech and democratic election


but by incarceration and defenestration


envenomation and other forms of execution:


murder by another name



You hold to the conviction


that democracy’s strengths are a fiction 


that in this and future centuries


will dominate the autocracies


contemporary history tells a different tale



Democracies are far from perfect


recently many have suffered serious neglect


they need large-scale reform


as for any socio-political construct is the norm


but they have a capacity for renewal that autocracies do not



Do you really think that a government that seeks to control


its people’s choices – political, economic and moral


can command the support of a population that however seemingly obeying and subdued


feels fundamentally screwed


this is to fly in the face of experience



You can beat your drums


you can sound your guns


but it is clear that your writ


is to stay on the job until you (non-violently) die in it


your peoples will eventually challenge this course



You Vlad, you Xi


this is a plea


for you to recall your Marx


and what he had to say about how information and its exchange


are the key factors driving social change



These are your Achilles’ heels


challenging the ideals


on which rest your power, suggesting all Is well


between you and your clientele


it isn’t and you know it




Your days are numbered


your sins will be remembered


you can seek refuge in an African chateau


but your legacy your peoples will know


and hold in contempt for generations to come

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