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America’s Long Way Back








Richard Moore, 2021

Where money is more

than what the vote is for

in determining the choices before the nation.


Where electoral ploy

is used to destroy

the principle of one person, one vote.


Where growing inequality

undermines the sense of shared polity

the sentiment of solidarity.


Where the colour of your skin

still determines whether you are within

or outside the mainstream.


Where large parts of the land

feel they have been dealt a cruel hand

on the altar of globalization.


Where reigns a history of disastrous wars

that makes many say no more

even then when US power may still have to be deployed.


Where there are too many rats

posing as democrats

ready to welcome a dictatorship.


America 2021 is about as bad as it can get

but it may turn worse yet

There are many with this fear.


If chaos descends towards all-out disaster

what will happen after

stateside and around the globe?


There is a crying need for US leadership

and a renewed sense of American fellowship 

much of everything, everywhere, depends on this.

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Richard Moore, 2021
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