A Woman Too Far?




Bildnis Marianne von Wefekin, 1909

Lenbachhaus, München



The redhead at the bar

was most probably too far

by age, temperament and beauty

away from me



She caught my fancy

We seemed to exchange glances

I thought we traded smiles


Was she looking past me

at someone else, a younger man

more handsome than I ever was

and certainly, I am not now


Was she looking for a father figure

to discuss things that

had long gone unspoken in her entourage

with a hand on her shoulder, no more


Or was she longing for a warm body

a non-threatening one

in which she could

bury her pain, easily


Or was this just an incident

one of the many that slip in and out of our lives

with no apparent reason or sentiment

no direction or no cause


That stick in our memories

all the same

if for no other reason

than eternal hope.

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