When the Time Comes



Approaching Horizon, Anna Swerts, 2019


When the time comes
it will arrive with a vengeance
you will not know what touched you
nor what to do or feel or say

In love, we are always on a cliff
do we jump not knowing where we may land
not knowing how it will feel
if and when we do

Or do we step back in a futile attempt
to protect emotions that have no destiny
whose future has no future
whose past clutches furtively at its present

I wish I were a season
I am not sure which one
They all have their beauties
Here is a short list

Summer is parading daintily clothed
Autumn is the changing colour of leaves
Winter is cuddling in front of a fierce fire.
And spring is about the renewal that keeps us moving on


When the time comes
if I am still among the living
and if I am still in your range
I will try to offer you four seasons in one

This will be complicated
I am not sure it can work
But life is full of miracles
just waiting to break free.

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